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Rivat Investment is active across a variety of asset classes including Private Equity, Real Estate, Crypto Currency trading, Hedge Funds and traditional listed assets. We have a solid reputation in asset allocation and have gained recognised expertise in selecting talented managers, by adopting an open architecture since the beginning.

Our investment infrastructure platforms, solutions and services can help you remain relevant and achieve lasting success. We are also highly engaged in constantly improving the information we communicate to our clients, which must be concise, precise and accurate. Our investment principles and processes, coupled with your advisor’s personal relationship with you, work together to help enhance returns, reduce volatility and manage investment risk.

We specialize in providing independent assessments and exclusive investment packages for our client portfolios. Our clients rely upon us to successfully navigate the range of financial goals they seek to attain. Our company is based on offering objective perspective, personalized planning, and sophisticated investment management to individual investors.

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